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 Stretching. Do It.

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PostSubject: Stretching. Do It.   Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:04 am

Hello there everyone.

Stretching. The first thing that pops into most people's heads when they hear that word is something involving athletics. That's indeed a neccessary part so you don't injure yourself playing a sport, but it is also neccessary for playing the guitar.

Now you're probably wondering why stretches are really that important for playing guitar.

Let me just say, you don't have to do them. Just like you don't have to brush your teeth. But it's a good idea to, because what happens if you don't brush your teeth after awhile? They're not as pretty as before, and eventually they fall out and aren't of any use anymore.

Now I'm pretty sure you know that youre hands and arms won't fall off because you don't stretch. But they help prevent injury, which means if you don't do any, over time, you may hurt yourself and won't be able to play guitar anymore.

I'll begin with letting you know that the tendons that work your index finger also work the rest of your fingers. An easy example is to take your hand, doesn't matter which, and extend it out so the palm is facing the ground. While your fingers are straight out, spread out, take the middle one (still straight, all of them) and bend it down. Notice how your other fingers follow it?

Tendons also actually go down your arm from your hand and wrists, as well as other things. Don't believe me?

Take both your arms and extend them straight out, palm facing the floor. Now turn them so your thumbs are on top and your pinkys on bottom. Pull your arms back so your fingers are pointing straight up, have them pointing straight and together, but still a bit of space inbetween them.

Now on both hands, make your ring finger go down towards your palm, and don't push it. Just bend your finger that way. You should feel something on at least one arm a bit before you reach your elbow, on the underside of your arm or an area around there. If you don't, you need to start working out tongue

Yeah yeah, that was a long, boring read. But important. Now for some actual stretching (I know you're all so excited!)

This is assuming you're right handed and play the guitar picking with your right hand.

Take your left arm and extend it all the way out. Then make it so your wrist makes your hand point down, fingers pointing right at the floor. Take your right hand, and make it so that you push your left hand towards you. You should feel it from your left wrist throughout your left arm. hold that for ten seconds, then make it so that your hand's the other way, fingers pointing to the ceiling, or sky, or whatever's above you. Do the same thing, pull it towards you. you should feel something. Don't crack your fingers, and don't do it so hard it hurts.

Now, take your left arm and pull it behind your head with your right one. Hold for ten seconds, and then switch.

If when you're playing you still feel anything uncomfortable, remember this -

Massage the area gently, but firmly.

If you don't already do some sort of stretches, add this to your routine of whenever your practice. You might pick up your guitar then catch yourself and have to put it back down and stretch, but after awhile, it'll become a habit, and one you'll definately make good use of.

[Mods/Admins - These are just stretches and advice I personally have. If you have anything to add, as always, feel free. Permitted it doesn't lead to injury, any addition's nice]

It appears that I am the first official Banjo player of the 123guitartabs community.

Now sit down and lemme show y'all what I can do without them amplifiers.


jimthams wrote:
↓ is nubzor

Buckethead wrote:
^ Watches too much pr0n

< probably doesn't watch enough pr0n

V can't play a banjo

jimthams wrote:
^ got all three rite

< is gonna go watch prØn

v is gonna b all alone online
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PostSubject: Re: Stretching. Do It.   Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:25 pm

if youve got a bit of money you can buy finger weights at GC
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Stretching. Do It.
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