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 RULES (You Read HERE) (Updated August '08)

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PostSubject: RULES (You Read HERE) (Updated August '08)   Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:50 am

Let it be known that unless noted, that the punishment the user breaking the rule recieves is at the descretion of the Moderator/Administrator that issues the punishment. If you feel it is unjust, inform an Administrator in a kind fashion.

These are the site's forum rules that apply to EVERY forum on this site. No exceptions, and some forums will have their own particular set of rules added on.

No bashing and/or flaming mods/admins/users. If you see any flaming, report them to the admins. We'll take care of it and warn or ban them. If YOU bash and flame them back, you get the same punishment.

Punishment: Depending on the severity of the action(s), it will generally be a warning or a small short ban. If it's something like the 5th time it's happened, it may be a permanent ban, but this is at the Admin/etcs hands.

Occasional swearing is OK, but don't overdo it.

lolcats/LOLWUT pears/O RLY YA RLY owls are funny and cute. Don't spam a thread with them and use on occasion. If it gets bad enough that a lot of people use them every 3 posts or so, we might consider not making you guys use them in the first place. That might be a rare ocurrance, but we reserve the rights to do that.

Keep all posts on topic. So no electric guitar talk in a bass forum unless the guitar talk has something to do with the bass talk.

Don't post saying you want to spam another forum. Cleaning up spam takes an extremely long time, and we wouldn't want any other forum to spam us. If you do post that you want to spam another forum, a banning/warning will be likely. Also, any other posters from this site who helped will also have a chance of being banned or warned. Do not think we will not find out. We can easily figure out who attempted to help. If it gets bad enough, we WILL ban you.

Admins; change this as needed.

Buckethead Admin - EDIT:

Hello y'all.

Quite a few rules have already been posted, but I've got a few more.

1. NO RAIDS AGAINST OTHER SITES - This is a pretty straight-forward rule. No raids against other sites. Just because someone who's mommy never loved them comes on here and puts an extremely unappropriate picture/comment, doesn't mean you have to return it.

Punishment: Anyone found to be involved in a raid will be either warned or banned, depending upon the severity of said raid(s) taken place.

2. PORNOGRAPHY - Please do not post any. Due to either the religious or personal beliefs of an individual, there can be a very large issue with this. The Moderators and Administrators of this site will do their best to keep rid of such material, however it can only be deleted upon notification. If you see any, please notify a Moderator or Admin.

Punishment: Instant Ban. This sort of material isn't tolerable in the slightest, and can't be posted on accident. Your cat didn't jump on your keyboard causing you to post a porn link and hit enter.

For the time being, the vast majority of punishments will be decided and will be the descretion of the Admin/Moderator giving said punishment, permited that said punishment is reasonably appropriate for the broken rule.

I.E. Someone post the LOL WUT Pear an excessive number of times, counting as spam. That would be either a warning, or a short to medium-length ban.

However, if someone were to spam the same amount of space with an image such as 'Goatse', the action would more than likely be much worse, because it's generally deemed a more offensive piece of material.

Double Posting - This isn't that big an issue, but please refrain from doing it. It's when someone makes a posts, then posts immediately again, so they have two posts in a row. Why's this an issue, you say? Well people, there's an EDIT Button for a reason, use it. It's also considered an attempt to boost your post count, and if it's done in excess, I have the ability to delete your posts and send a ban. As do the other Admins, so just follow the rules.

Also for double posting, I'd like to mention something else. Posting in threads just saying 'huh?' 'cool' 'yeah' etc with no real contribution to the thread makes it appear that you're just trying to get your post count up. This is ridiculous and treated as spam, because that's what it is.

You will be asked to explain why you've posted in loads of threads in that manner, and if you can't offer a reasonable explanation, action may be taken. Actions such as a warning, ban, or reset of post count. Remember folks, be polite to whoever asks you about this. Spelling every other word wrong and getting mad won't help you whatsoever.

Multiple Accounts - This is absolutely not tolerated. All you need on here is one account, there isn't any reason for any more. It's easy to track, so it's not going to work.

If you become banned/ Perm banned and make another, you WILL be issued an IP ban, as that's enough of you. You're easily traceable, so don't bother.

Punishment - Instant ban.

GRAMMAR GRAMMAR GRAMMAR!!! - This one's a biggie. It's not required you're an expert of the English language. But for the love of Valhalla please don't typ lik dis al da tmez, cuz its annoyin n childsh.

Now, lets put ourselves in a scenario. Lets say you get enough warnings to constitute your first ban. You want to challange/appeal the ban. That's perfectly fine, if it's reasonable. Otherwise it'll extend your ban.

Anyhow. You decide to PM an Admin about it, and type like I showed above. Like you can't even understand what the person is saying. At least if its me, I'm going to ignore you and tell you why. Whine about it, ban extended. However, if you're polite and have a decent use of the english language, it'll increase your chances.

Other than that, it makes you look more intelligent and easier to understand, and that never hurt anyone.

- NOTE: This is (to my knowledge) a board with the primary language being English. This means that you must post in English. Now that doesn't mean you're limited to it, just that you need an english translation if you decide to type something in finnish, spanish, french, romanian, etc.

AVATARS - Of course, make them appropriate. And nobody steal anyone else's avatar.

Now lets say person A has an avatar for awhile. Person B likes it, but can't have it because they have it. Now if person A happens to change their avatar, person B can change their avatar to what was originally person A's, without problems.

Basically, nobody have the same avatar. The other Admins and myself can make it whatever we choose to, so for your sake don't. I don't want someone whining to me about someone 'stealing' their avatar.

Punishment - Simply just asked to change your avatar. Nothing serious. However, if you refuse to comply we'll change it for you, and it probably won't be something you'll like very much. If this is a repeat problem, warnings/bans/etc will take place.

End Buckethead EDIT

It appears that I am the first official Banjo player of the 123guitartabs community.

Now sit down and lemme show y'all what I can do without them amplifiers.


jimthams wrote:
↓ is nubzor

Buckethead wrote:
^ Watches too much pr0n

< probably doesn't watch enough pr0n

V can't play a banjo

jimthams wrote:
^ got all three rite

< is gonna go watch prØn

v is gonna b all alone online

Last edited by Buckethead on Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:01 am; edited 1 time in total
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RULES (You Read HERE) (Updated August '08)
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